How to Fry Brats

If you've come this far, you've already read up on how to start the fire. If not, you'll want to go back and review that, since the next steps build upon that knowledge.

beautiful brats simmering away on the grill
beautiful brats simmering away on the grill

The Traditional Method

Once the coals are all white, spread them around evenly in the center of your Weber. You only need only layer of coals. Put the grill on (duh!) and place your (raw, of course) brats on the grill. Now the fun begins. For the next 10-15 minutes or so, your task is to keep rotating them there brats on a regular basis so they end up evenly done all around, all the while keeping the fire hot enough to fry them brats properly, but not too hot so as to burn 'em to a crisp.

How often you rotate your brats depends on how well you can control the fire. If the fire gets too hot, it will cause the brats to develop a slow leaker which could lead to a split and spit disaster, which in turn could amount to a full-blown Flare-Up real quick. You really, really want to avoid that at all cost. So, keep a bowl of water right there next to your Weber, and as soon as you see even just a bit of flame rise up, dip your hand in the water and flick drops of water on top of the fire to put out those bad-boy flames. Of course, this will evoke a release of brat exhaust into the nearby vicinity of where you're at, so plan accordingly (in other words, stand back).

The Undercover Method

Another common method of frying brats today is the Undercover or Indirect Method. Once the coals are all white, push them all to one side of your Weber. Put the grill back on so you have a place for your brats. Don't place your brats directly over the coals, but rather on the opposite side of the grill and put the Weber lid on. After about 5 minutes, remove the lid. You can see that your brats have lost their previously pristine pinkish pigmentation. This is a clear indication that they are now ready for their first rollover maneuver. Rotate the brats and cover 'em up again for another 5 minutes or so. Now this is a happy grill. See that steady stream of brat exhaust? This is a good thing! Everything is under control. No flare-ups. No disasters. Looks like we're now orbiting the good life as we make our final approach to another successful Brat Fry! Just watch out when you open that lid. After 15 minutes they should be done.

Secret Tip! When they're done we say "they're done." We don't say "they're cooked" or "they're fried" and we certainly don't say they're al dente or au point. We simply say "they're done." If you don't say "they're done" you'll sound like you don't know what you're doing.

The Brat-Meister Method

You may have heard of the expression BFF (Brat Fry Forever). Now it's time for a new one: BMM (Brat-Meister Method). This is how old-timers do it. This is how Brat-Meisters fry brats. This is how Brat Fry Ferg's grandpa did it (below). And now you too can fry brats like a Pro!